Dec 27

HttpWatch的指标说明:Blocked、Connect、Send、Wait、Receive 不指定

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Blocked time includes any pre-processing time (such as cache lookup) and the time spent waiting for a network connection to become available. Internet Explorer will only create a maximum of two concurrent network connections per host name (i.e. and will queue up requests until a network connection is available. Often the Blocked time is the most significant factor in the download time of images embedded in a web page.


Connect is the time required to create a TCP connection to the web server (or proxy). If a secure HTTPS connection is being used this time includes the SSL handshake process. Keep-Alive connections are often used to avoid the overhead of repeatedly connecting to the web server.


Send is the time required to send the HTTP request message to the server and will depend on the amount of data that is sent to the server. For example, long Send times will result from uploading files using an HTTP POST


Wait is the idle time spent waiting for a response message from the server. This value includes delays introduced due to network latency and the time required to process the request on the web server.


Receive is the time taken to read the response message from the server. This value will be depend on the size of the content returned, network bandwidth and whether HTTP compression was used.


Cache Read is the time taken to read the content from the browser cache during (Cache) or 304 responses.


TTFB (or Time To First Byte) is the duration from the initial network request being initiated by the browser to the first byte being received from the server. It includes TCP connection time, the time to send the request and the time taken to get the first byte of the response message.


Network is the total duration of all network related operations for an HTTP request.





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